Whether your organisation making an equipment purchase to upgrade one production line or seeking equipment for a greenfield site, capital expenditure purchases are not an every day occurrence and can be fraught with risk. Previous knowledge may no longer be in the organisation or the expertise is not available especially when it comes to new production technologies.

Defining the needs and requirements of the teams needing the equipment along with future requirements is vital to make sure that the equipment purchased delivers a large return on investment in terms of making products to the correct quality and volumes for the right cost.


We recognise that clients production landscapes have evolved over time resulting in a patchwork of equipment at various points along their lifecycle.

We work with clients right at the start to define the objectives of the equipment capex spend.


Using our proven end to end systems based approach we guide client teams through the process of getting production equipment: designed, procured, installed, commissioned and making product on specification to the required volumes.


We run the tendering process and manage suppliers to make sure they hit key milestones and provide support in the early days of production.

Our approach also covers other elements such as modifying or creating new standard operating procedures ready for day one of the new equipment or production line being up and running.