Whilst many organisations have well documented processes to take ideas through to commercial launch, developing new products comes down to three fundamental rules.

  1. Better - can our new product do what existing products do in a better way and generate intellectual property along the way?

  2. Faster - as an organisation are our processes and governance quick enough to be faster than the competition in developing and launching new products?

  3. Cheaper - can we develop and manufacture products to the correct quality cheaper than the competition?

The organisations that can say yes to at least two of the above are in a strong position for growth.


We support clients in the development and launch of new products from initial idea through to launch in market.

We deliver by bringing our network of trusted partner organisations to work on different aspects of product development to bring client ideas to reality. This means clients get access to true expertise from organisations in their fields as and when needed. This also helps us keep overall project costs lower than our competitors.

As well as working within clients existing processes we can bring an "outside in" perspective on improving new product development processes. Whether it is getting products to market quicker or optimising ways to work with third parties to develop new products.

We can also offer specific activities of new product development. For example defining an IP strategy as part of product design. This could include putting competitors off the scent by filing for patents in a completely different area to the product development area of interest.