There are only so many working hours in a shift or working day. Being able to maximise the time employees spend on value adding activities is critical to reducing costs and increasing profits.

People productivity can be lost through inefficient processes or time based rather than outcome based metrics. For field based teams being able to understand where your teams are and whether any nearby teams could offer assistance can have a huge impact on servicing additional customers or carrying out field based maintenance activities.

Technology plays an important role in productivity. One example is the use of augmented reality goggles being used on a production line. Instead of the time and cost of flying an expert thousands of miles to physically be with the team to troubleshoot equipment, the expert can be virtually onsite the same day and give advice on how to get the equipment up and running again.


We look at a clients resource planning and conduct an assessment on the maturity of their planning capabilities. This includes how often teams plan as well as how often they change their plans and why?


By conducting interviews and analysing underlying reasons for the service and or production time losses, areas for improvements are identified.


We then work with clients to quantify improvements and collaboratively implement improvements resulting in clients being at a point of full control when what they plan to do is what they actually deliver in a day or a shift. This results in a significant impact on reducing unit costs and improve profits.