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Food For Thought

There is a fairly well known story about the contributors to a traditional English breakfast. A chicken is involved by producing eggs but the pig is fully committed in that the pig has to die for the sausages and bacon but maybe not for much longer...

Companies such as Just Meat, Mosa Meat, Memphis Meats, SuperMeat and Finless Foods (to name a few) are researching ways to grow meat from cells or the cells of healthy animals “clean meat” rather than committing the animal to certain doom.

Not only will this have a positive impact on the animal’s lives, reduction in CO2 footprint and less de-forestation for livestock, if the technology can be shrunk small enough, steaks, burgers and meatballs may even be grown in restaurants, meat hubs in towns and cities or at home completely revolutionising the meat supply chain.

On the “burger” flip side it will be vital to have standards in place to ensure the quality of the meat grown is fit for human consumption, that the correct nutrients have been used in the correct quantities, following a standard process without any potential harmful additives e.g. no use use of antibiotics.

With increased awareness of vegetarian and vegan diets from consumers, documentaries and the press it may not be too much longer before people could grow their own Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoes all at home for a guilt free BLT sandwich!

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