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Suboptimal co-manufacture performance leading to higher than expected production costs impacting profit for a blue chip FMCG company


  • An $80bn USA based blue chip FMCG company had outsourced the production of components for a female personal care product

  • The USA based co-manufacturer were struggling to meet the quality requirements & production volumes.

  • This resulted in waste and high cost per unit produced which was impacting the volumes that could be shipped and profit margins.


  • Identified challenges across the value chain

  • Quantified quality issues and how to solve

  • Quantified productivity challenges from Goods In through to Goods Out

  • Identified and prioritised quick wins and initiatives that would bring significant benefit

  • Worked with the client’s supplier to build a roadmap and plan of action

  • Handover and exit


  • Identified quick wins to improve quality for reduced scrappage

  • Built a production improvement roadmap with the client and supplier that the supplier could work through and demonstrate improvements

  • Increased on spec product right first time from 75% to 90%

  • Identified manufacture and assembly cost savings between 20%-35%

  • Upskilled co-manufacturer

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