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Major acquisition resulted in demanding cost saving targets, requiring radical change in the existing supply chain


  • A $60bn global beverage company had to reduce supply chain costs by $1bn within 5 years having purchased a major competitor

  • Visibility and a tailored global strategy focusing on productivity, safety and sustainability was required across a wide range of existing equipment, technologies, automation and capabilities

  • Covid-19 meant all activities to be carried out remotely via video conference, across a wide range of cultures using varying processes


  • Determine the productivity, safety and sustainability landscape from goods-in to the end of the pack hall:

  • Design an assessment and evaluation for regional production processes that could be executed remotely for 80 sites across the globe

  • Collect and  evaluate challenges at a local, country and global level across brewing, packaging and utilities.

  • Utilise the Julius & Clark technology database to source physical technologies


  • 900+ challenges captured in global heatmap

  • 100+ innovative concepts developed with 400+ technology options across the value chain

  • Opportunities of $500 million identified with payback over a 5 year period

  • Country-by-country strategy and 1,3,5 year roadmap to improve productivity, safety and sustainability targets

  • Production of the Future became an embedded terminology and initiative across the globe

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