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Increased customer demand led to a need for a new production facility in Asia however knowledge & capability had been lost.



  • A $6bn international food and ingredients company had not invested in new spice milling production line for 30 years.

  • A new Green-field site was needed in Asia due to customer demand.

  • The US and Asia teams had lost the knowledge and capabilities to: design, procure, install and commission a new future proofed production line.


  1. Build requirements to commissioning approach

  2. Run the tender

  3. Manage the successful contractor to design, manufacture/ assemble, install and commission the new $20M production line

  4. Document and train client team on newly developed processes and Standard Operating Procedures

  5. Handover and exit


  • Ran successful tender process

  • Identified best in class supplier

  • Successful design, manufacture and commission of the new line on time and in budget.

  • Increased on spec product right first time from 70% to 97%

  • Upskilled US and Asia team for them to implement future projects independently

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