Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex in order to produce products and services to meet ever more demanding customer needs.


In its bare form supply chains still involve a series of steps to take raw materials from various sources and transform them into products or services which are delivered to intermediate or end customers.

With the complexity and global reach of today's supply chains and increased computing power, sophisticated data analysis provides visibility which enables organisations to manage supply chains end to end and make faster more informed decisions.


Our supply chain excellence health check provides visibility on your supply chain maturity  and areas for improvement.


We work holistically across your supply chain to determine your current performance as well as looking at individual elements such as: planning, procurement, production and logistics. We also take into account what performance attributes you measure and whether Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measuring what really matters.


The results of our analysis highlight where the greatest potential to improve your supply chain performance exists.

We then work with clients to devise strategies to realise the potential performance improvements through a mixture of technology and process improvement.

Julius & Clark don't just advise, we support clients in implementing strategies unlocking the potential we identify in different areas of the supply chain, benefiting your entire organization.