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Innovate your Operations

What We Do




Transforming innovation DNA


Building innovation capability


Monetising existing untapped capabilities


Building your operations of the future


Maximising productivity at minimal cost


Gaining and maintaining customers to feed operations


Some of the clients we support


How We Deliver

How We Deliver

Change in Results

A desire to change the results you are seeing

Why we need to change

Problem Definition

Clearly defining & aligning on the problem/s to be solved

What we need to change

Solution Definition

Developing robust solutions with a clear understanding of impact & implications

How we need to change

Cultural Stickiness

Creating the right cultural environment for effective implementation & sustained benefits





Julius & Clark was founded by Simon Clark, an award-winning University of Cambridge graduate.


The idea for Julius & Clark originated in 2006 whilst Simon was a graduate at the University of Cambridge. Simon’s thesis focused on the barriers to growth for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and since then Simon has supported and advise both small and large organisations.

After 5 years industry experience and 10 years management consultancy with top tier firms Simon spotted an opportunity to deliver value to a wider range of clients in new ways and in 2019 Julius & Clark was founded.

Julius & Clark supports SMEs as well as large international organisations by keeping operating costs low and passing that benefit on to clients in the form of lower fees compared to larger traditional consultancies.

Typically it is SMEs that need support and yet they don’t naturally look to consultancy due to factors such as: cultural alignment of a small organisation with a large consultancy.


Julius & Clark looks to become a long term trusted adviser to a handful of clients per industry and not be everything to everyone.


If you have a tough innovation or operational challenge that you would like to discuss we would love to hear from you.

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Meet Some of the Team


Simon Clark

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Operations and Supply Chain Engineering lead

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Graham Swales

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Sales Engineering and People lead

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Associate Principal,

Marketing Engineering lead

Our Values

In our personal lives values are the behaviours, traits and beliefs that are important to us and motivate and guide our decisions.

The same applies in business. Our values are below.

Make a significant improvement to client performance
  • bring fresh thinking and methods to clients

  • develop bold yet realistic solutions to client challenges

  • work with clients to realise the opportunities identified not just create a report

  • develop client capabilities to sustain improvement

Produce work to the highest standards in a professional manner
  • put client interests ahead of the firm’s

  • adhere to high ethical standards

  • preserve an independent mindset

  • effective management of client and firm resources

Be trustworthy,
considerate and
  • build enduring relationships based on trust

  • preserve client confidences

  • be empathetic at all levels of the client organisation

  • be able to actively listen without pushing an agenda

Create an unparalleled 
environment to attract
and nurture talent 
  • be non-hierarchical

  • create a caring and inclusive environment

  • develop others through apprenticeship and mentoring

  • create an environment where team members can be bold and try new things



Do you have a tough innovation or operations challenge or like to know more about what we do? Get in touch.

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